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About Beat

Beat is the UK’s eating disorder charity. They exist to end the pain and suffering caused by these serious mental illnesses, and are a champion, guide and friend to all affected by them.

Their vision is a society where fewer people suffer eating disorders, where people with eating disorders experience care and understanding, and where they can quickly access treatment that supports a rapid and sustained recovery.

Over the next five years they will make dramatic progress towards that vision. They will increase ten-fold the number of people helped by our services to 60,000 every year, they will increase our influence four-fold by reaching over 500,000 people a year with a message of hope and recovery, and through powerful campaigning they will ensure that political and practical change takes place to help those that need it most.

Early intervention is central to this vision. By focussing on early intervention they can ensure that more people than ever recover from eating disorders and that we can make the biggest difference to sufferers of this terrible illness right across the UK.

To learn more about Beat, please visit their website here  or join their campaign below on Thunderclap.




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