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Business to business clients are increasingly catching on to the benefits that an ‘App‘ can bring. At this stage in the mobile evolution a lot of customers know that they need an App but are unsure of which solution is going to be best for them (or indeed even know what the different options are). That’s why we’re here to help.

TJS have a highly skilled team of developers who aren’t phased by complex projects. This is why we’ve been able to turn our existing skills and knowledge to the mobile market with relative ease.

Below represents the different solutions that TJS can offer:

iPhone / iPad App Development

As registered Apple iOS Developers TJS can assist with all stages of your App, from concept, wireframing, usability testing, prototyping, build, thorough testing through to submission to the App store. TJS have also assisted design agencies and web developers with the build and streamlining of their clients’ projects which in turn can then be handed back for submission through their own Apple account.

Mobile Web Applications

Combining existing programming languages and techniques with the new benefits of HTML5 and CSS3, TJS are building mobile browser-based web applications for use on a wide range of internet enabled mobile phones.

The benefit these web-based applications bring to clients is the flexibility and cost savings associated with an app which works on all platforms.


If your business, design agency or web development company doesn’t have the skills in-house to build Apps why not give TJS a call to see how best we can help.

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