Spent lots of money and had nothing to show in return?

One of the first objections we hear when we talk to our clients regarding Google AdWords is that they have tried it (or a friend has tried it), it cost them more than they expected to spend, and they had nothing to show in return.

Immediately, it becomes apparent to us, that they probably set the campaign up on a broad match (think scatter gun) basis, misunderstood the control they had on their budget (think £200 per month input as £200 per day), and finally never set up any form of monitoring what their Google AdWords “customers” were doing when they landed on their website.

We come across this, time and time again.

There is a huge difference between setting up a Google AdWords campaign, and setting up a Google AdWords campaign properly. Should you have your key phrases on a Broad Match basis, a phrase match basis or an exact match basis? How many negative keywords should you use? Should you have negative embedded keywords? Do you advertise nationally or locally? Do you let your advert run all day, seven days a week, or only when your business is open? Should you just use Google search, Google’s search partners or Google’s content network?

As you can see, Google AdWords is far from easy to set up properly. Which is why TJS Online offer a full bespoke Google AdWords management service. Our Qualified Google AdWords Professional can help you with the research, implementation, design and monitoring of your Google AdWords campaign. We can look after the campaign for you from start to finish, or we can offer bespoke 1-2-1 training, that will show you how to set up and manage your own Google AdWords campaigns correctly.

Call us today or email us at googleadwordsmanagement@tjs.co.uk with your enquiry.

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