The Brief

ZR Tyres wanted to create awareness of their new fast-fit facility in the centre of Lincoln.

Traditionally fast-fit tyre marketing uses local press advertising, but ZR wanted to communicate using measurable, digital channels. Their goal was to generate a thousand new enquiries about the new branch within the first month.

ZR engaged TJS to provide integrated online promotional activities with measurable outcomes from initial communication through to sale.

Our Solution

The campaign used Google text display adverts and remarketing banners.

TJS crafted a Google AdWord campaign with long-tail phrases which drove customers to specific landing pages on ZR’s website. Long-tail phrases are keywords with lower competition amongst other advertisers e.g. “Tyres for Vauxhall Corsa” rather than “tyres”.

These phrases are cheaper than more common Adwords.

Remarketing flashes up advertising blocks for 18 months after a user has visited a website. This is a relatively cheap way of keeping your brand ‘front-of-mind’, as potential customers carry out other research on the web. Remarketing is ideal for price-sensitive products, where customers may visit three or four sites looking for the best deal.  Research suggests that customers will only travel a certain distance to a tyre retailer, so the adverts were limited to web surfers within a specific geographical radius of the new store.

Visitors to the ZR website saw a ‘call to action’ to search for their tyre model and /or call the branch manager on a unique website-only telephone number. This monitoring mechanism made it possible to identify the website as the source of new enquiries.

Staff at the new branch were trained to convert enquiries to bookings.  A ‘Voice-Over Internet Protocol’ (VOIP) web-based telephone system recorded the frequency and the content of the telephone calls.

It is remarkable that a relatively small, independent company opted to use powerful digital marketing tools in an industry not known for its cutting-edge promotional activity. However, moving from traditional off-line advertising was a smart move, as more and more consumers conduct pre-purchase research online.

The Edge

The beauty of a fully integrated digital campaign is the level of detail available, not just on the goal, but at every interaction.

For example, Google Analytics provides detailed data on all interactions with AdWords and the website.

Interactions with customers over the VOIP telephone system, contact enquiries from the website and footfall at the branch can also be tracked.

This information informs future communication and allows ZR to remarket again to the same audience without the additional cost of identifying new customers.

The campaign achieved nearly twice the number of expected enquiries in half the time:

  • Over 36,000 customers in the Lincoln area visited the ZR website after viewing a Google AdWord message
  • The remarketing adverts appeared 787,791 times to an audience of over 36,000 Lincoln customers
  • The new branch reached its goal of 1,000 new enquiries within 18 days of opening

During the campaign, adverts for ZR were served to potential customers on some of the UK’s top automotive websites.  These were noticed by staff from large, multi-national tyre suppliers, who contacted ZR as they did not understand how such a high level of visibility could be achieved on a low budget.

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