Control Multiple TV screens with Live Property Data Feeds

TJS work closely with 5 of Lincolnshire’s leading Estate Agencies. We have expert knowledge and experience integrating live property data feeds into our clients websites from software providers such as including Expert Agent and Reapit.

With this knowledge, we were asked if it was possible to take the live property feed and display it on a clients’ TV window displays. Their existing solution acted purely as a presentation viewer, providing a number of templated screens to place either property information or offers / promotional slides – but was therefore never up to date and constantly required changing.

Our solution is perfect, the client has a simple Content Management System from which to manage the software. Logging in enables them to see the live property feed, and pull out properties of interest they wish to ‘promote’ (show more than others). They can choose how many properties to show before a promotional screen displays. Again, these are easily created using our templated designs enabling you to insert a short video, a promotional image or textual slide. Meanwhile, the properties show in either a random order, or in the display order you dictate (should you wish), giving you the flexibility you need.

With the property data coming in live from your property management software you are assured that the property data is as ‘live’ as you need it to be, pushing up the correct prices and property status at all times.

The small, cost effective hardware required to run the screen displays ensures that the property management software talks correctly to both the Content Management System and the TV’s.

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