Here are just a few ways of deploying an Intranet to improve your bottom line profits.

  • Productivity – Employees can pull information from the Intranet when they need it, rather than being deluged by unwanted emails.
  • Document templates and manuals – Let employees find all the documents they need quickly and easily.
  • Communication – Allow employees to discuss new ideas in a forum.
  • Contact – Provide a company wide contact list of employees.
  • Save money – Reduce printing and paper costs by digitising your policies and standards.
  • Promote a corporate culture – Every employee will view the same information.
  • Integration – Seamless network authentication makes accessing information quick and easy.
  • Cross platform capability – Because it’s web based, it’s Standards Compliant and can be viewed on PDAs, Macs or PCs.
  • Immediate – No wasted time circulating documents. Using our CMS  the Intranet can be ‘fed’ on a regular basis.
  • Technical Support – Allow support requests to be centralised and solved quicker.

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