The Brief

Our client won a contract to audit and refurbish the heating systems of social houses for a local authority. The workflow required a surveyor to visit the premises, draw up an annotated site plan and submit this with their recommendations for review by the client. As an innovative and technically led organisation they asked us to build a mobile application to assist them with this process. The deliverables included:

  • The ability to draw a site plan on a tablet, quickly and easily simply with touch and finger interaction.
  • A branded PDF report system that allowed completed site reports to be sent directly from the user’s device, on site, to the client for review.
  • The ability for the homeowner to choose from a gallery of heating appliances viewed on the tablet.
  • To allow the homeowner to approve the requirements by simply signing the tablet screen with their finger.
  • For the surveyor to download property details from a cloud based database using only post code references.

Our Solution

This is not a public facing website, and there are commercial restrictions on what we can show, but we achieved all the deliverables and the client continues to use the application to gain a competitive advantage when tendering for refurbishment contracts.

Here’s a video of a portion of the application being used to draw a simple house plan, followed by annotation with icons and labelling rooms using simple drag and drop functionality.



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