The Brief

TJS had already developed general knowledge quiz websites when they were asked to design a site which would aid learning and exam revision across various educational Key Stages and subjects.

The site should be easy to find in web searches and make learning intuitive, interactive and fun.

It was to be a mix of free quizzes and revenue-earning subscription-only quizzes, and should be available to private users and to schools as a learning and revision tool.

Our Solution

TJS designed colourful and fun site, which appeals to a school child of any age and turns learning and exam revision into a game. ‘Quizzes’ are much more enjoyable than ‘Tests’ and therefore much more likely to get done!

A user-friendly navigational structure, combined with meaningful quiz titles enable students to drill-down quickly to the material they wish to revise.

Some quizzes on the site are free, to enable students to try out the applications and act as a ‘taster’ for the remaining, subscription-only sections.

Every quiz can be printed out for offline use with friends and family.

‘Educational Quizzes’ works smoothly on all the mobile devices, such as tablets, used by its young and active target audience.

The Edge

Educational Quizzes has the best quiz-playing technology, developed from scratch, and is probably the most efficient revision tool available to school children. In recognition of this, the site has more than 2,000 inbound links from that most prestigious educational website of all – the BBC.

Teachers who are currently teaching the curriculum write the quizzes, to ensure that the content is relevant. There is particular emphasis on those aspects which are most difficult to grasp.

Subscribers have a permanent record of the quizzes they have played, the dates played and the scores achieved. No other revision website provides the same degree of progress recording.  This is a great motivator for children, because they can see the growing record of their achievement.

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