The Brief

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”

John Wanamaker (1838-1922), US businessman and father of the department store / modern advertising.

For many years Hemswell Antique Centres Ltd had advertised in glossy magazines and the antiques / interior design trade press in order to attract new clients.  However, it was never able to state definitively which advertising, if any, was actually attracting customers to its website or vast complex of halls.

Robert Miller, managing director, wanted to resolve this dilemma and understand where his marketing spend would not be wasted.  After a tender process, he appointed TJS to carry out the company’s search engine optimisation and digital marketing in a targeted and measurable way, so that he could judge his advertising’s effectiveness and alter his promotional strategy accordingly, for the benefit of the 400 dealers who showcase their antiques on his premises.

Our Solution

TJS used a total mix of digital marketing tactics to build an integrated on-line campaign which would:

  • Target a specific demographic and geographical group of people: Those over 45 years of age in the UK who are interested in antiques
  • Measure key performance indicators, such as:
    • Increased website traffic
    • Higher numbers of visitors to the Centre
    • Sales growth

Digital promotional tactics included:

  • Google Adwords
  • Google Text Ads
  • Google Image Ads
  • Google Re-marketing Ads and Banners
  • Bing Pay-per-Click advertising
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Facebook Re-marketing
  • YouTube Video Ads
  • Local radio adverts
  • Mobile-friendly site
  • Microsite targeted at lucrative Japanese dealer market
  • Website – Call, goal and conversion-tracking software
  • Website Heatmapping
  • Website Layout v Conversion Experiments
  • Virtual Tours of the Centre

Tracking and measurement tools included:

  • Google Analytics
  • Response Tap Call Tracking Software

The Edge

Underpinning the entire digital marketing strategy were the three key principals of

  1. Audience targeting
  2. Measurability
  3. Evidencing Return on Advertising Investment

To December 2014:

  • There were 5,693,646 Google Image Ad impressions, resulting in 37,954 targeted website visitors
  • 160,000 people were targeted by Facebook Remarketing
  • There were 5,426 full YouTube video views, with a further 9,403 watching over half of the video (16 seconds)
  • 58,772 people have watched the first 5 seconds of the video
  • Local Radio Adverts were given specific URLs to the website, enabling visitors to be segmented by local area and re-marketed to via specific adverts
  • All calls to action on the mobile site were tracked to measure engagement
  • Heatmapping software enabled TJS to see where visitors were clicking / looking. This led to better positioning of key information and making Calls to Action more prominent, thereby increasing user engagement
  • Conversion Experiments presented different versions of key product detail pages in different formats to see if minor changes in layout / ‘Call to Action’ buttons and links would increase engagement and conversion rates
  • Response Tap Call Tracking Software – Every online advert contained a trackable telephone number, unique to each visitor. This identified the advertising source, how often the person visited the website and which pages, via which route.  Response Tap also allowed TJS to record and replay ‘phone calls for training / quality purposes

The net effect was sales growth of 25% from £4 million to £5 million in 2014.

So, eat your heart out, John Wanamaker – we can say that we know where our digital advertising spend is NOT wasted!

TJS is proud to say that, in recognition of all of the above, Hemswell Antique Centres Ltd won the category of ‘Best Digital Campaign at the 2015 Lincolnshire Digital Business Awards.



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