The Brief

Jigthings was founded in 1999 and quickly expanded throughout the world. They supply accessories for jigsaw puzzles, from frames to storage to puzzle enthusiasts. When the service they were using to build and run their website announced that they were set to discontinue, Jigthings came to us looking for a modern site that met their customers needs and that could be built quickly in order to be able to maintain their web-only service.

The new site needed to incorporate their current products and allow the opportunity for further expansion, as well as being able to be amended internally. Additionally, the site needed to integrate with their order process in order to be able to only show products that are in stock and to be able to deliver products to the customer as quickly as possible.

Our Solution

Our solution was to work with Jigthings to develop a site that incorporated their current product range, with a modern and easy-to-use feel to it. We were able to develop and launch the site and mobile site before their previous site was discontinued, meaning that there was no loss of trade and a high quality site produced. Additionally, the site only shows products that are in stock and can be delivered, whilst integrating with their ordering process to ensure that customers receive their orders as soon as possible.

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