After graduating from De Montfort University, Ian Green first established AGI Landscape and Garden Design in 1998, as the next step in his passion for creating beautiful gardens. Now based just outside Lincoln, Ian offers a full design consultancy throughout Lincolnshire and surrounding counties, working closely with his clients to create bespoke schemes, both large and small.

The Brief

TJS has been commissioned to redesign the website and branding for AGI Landscape and Garden Design, in order to elevate the company’s position further in the garden design market, and place it ahead of its landscape and garden design peers.

Our Solution

Stage 1

As a first step in this process, TJS created a logo and branding to achieve a cleaner, more modern profile for the company, in order to place it amongst industry leaders. The logo will work across a wide variety of applications such as business cards, stationery and digital usage.

We presented a clean, sharp design that echoed the geometric shapes found in garden design, utilising perfectly formed angles to reflect the architectural plans also used in garden creation. Clear lettering continued this theme, making the logo easy to read and recognise.

The design of the logo also allowed it to retain its clarity in both black and white applications. A muted colour palette was chosen to avoid detracting from the image being the focal point, with the addition of a strong highlight colour to add emphasis to elements of the website and other branded promotional material.

As part of our next step in this process, we look forward to rolling this branding out, not only on the website but across other elements of the business too. If your company is in need of fresh, modern branding, let TJS help by giving us a call on 01507 525500.

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