TJS first designed and developed the original website for iD Workwear back in 2008. Based in Spilsby, Lincolnshire, the company is situated firmly at the centre of the demanding casual workwear and corporate wear market.

The original website featured a successful garment design engine built using Flash. This garment design engine was a necessary tool for the company’s reps when travelling from client to client with their laptops, allowing garments to be configured exactly to meet customer requirements.

The Brief

The brief was to develop an updated garment design engine – reps are now travelling to appointments with tablets and many customers need good, mobile accessibility; the demise of Flash, which was no longer flexible or responsive enough for the client, had led to their existing engine being unsuitable for the needs of their customers.


Our Solution

The new garment design engine has been built using HTML specifically for tablet use, and thus is responsive. Featuring animations and scrolls, the user experience is as smooth and methodical as possible, enabling customers and sales staff to design garments down to the finest detail. At the end of the process, a PDF design specification is generated that can then be downloaded.


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