What we did:


As part of the Environment Act 2021, Local Nature Recovery Strategies (LNRS) were introduced. Their aim is to help the targets that are laid out in the Government's Environmental Improvement Plan, to be met. They will also be involved in developing the Nature Recovery Network and in improving local nature to benefit wildlife and communities alike.

Every area of England will be included in one of 48 LNRS areas.

The Brief

For TJS, our local LNRS, the Greater Lincolnshire Local Nature Recovery Strategy, needed new branding and the basis of a website that could be quickly exapnded as the project quickly started to gain traction.

Our Solution

Our in-house branding and design specialists worked the management team of the Greater Lincolnshire LNRS to create a logo and branding that reflected their work, utilising a stylized representation of the countryside found in our area. The logo is fresh and clean with clear, easy to read lettering. While a soft, natural colour palette was used, the logo translates into a monochrome version. The logo appears across the website and can be used for stationery, publicity materials, and digital applications.

We look forward to helping expand the website over the coming months as the project takes off.


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