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The Brief

Optic-Kleer has been repairing vehicle windscreens for over 15 years. Their franchise network of operators works with major supermarket chains to carry out the repairs in the shops’ carparks while the customer does their shopping.

After a significant investment in the company, TJS was tasked with driving Franchise acquisition of new Operators, digitally transforming the entire operations with a new public website, native iOS and Android app for the Operators and an end-to-end back office system to process repair claims with insurance companies. The Admin system also acts as a reporting and management portal for the business leaders and franchisees.

Our Solution

Franchise website

We identified the unique benefits of the Optic-Kleer offering and concerns of prospective franchisees. By shooting a series of videos that highlighted the positive experiences of existing franchisees we dispelled the fears of visitors to the new site. We highlighted the potential benefits of becoming a franchise with an engaging interactive tool. The new site offered clear calls to action to receive a printed brochure. This solution generated twice the targeted number of leads within half the time specified by the client.


Admin System

A full bespoke solution now allows an invoice for each repair to be generated within seconds and sent to the insurance company within minutes of the repair being completed in the field. Something that previously took 7-10 days.

Meta-data is retained for each repair that provides the back office team with instant digital recall which ensures fast payment of repairs and provides the management team with full reporting of key business metrics and settlement data.

Franchisees manage their diaries via the Admin system which allows the public website to provide a real-time location to potential customers on the public site.



Public facing website

Potential customers can find their nearest windscreen repairer by entering their postcode and vehicle registration number on the new Optic-Kleer website. The increase in conversion for this service is over 600% from the previous iteration. Conversion rate optimisation by TJS using Google Experiments allowed Optic-Kleer to achieve double-digit conversion rates from arrival at the site to a sale in the field. Full visibility of the acquisition trail enables the business owners to base their commercial decisions on evidence and not guesswork.


Native apps

iOS and Android apps allow franchisees to gather data and collect payment from customers at the point of sale. These intuitive, bespoke digital applications empower customers to receive instant confirmation of their repair and franchisees to synchronise repair details to the Admin system making payment to them and settlement from the insurance company 20 times faster than previous workflows.

TJS also integrated with WorldPay’s Total Mobile application which reduces operational costs and provides customers with paperless receipts.

TJS continue to work with Optic-Kleer supporting their growth in the UK and also in the US at their flagship store in Texas.


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