Do you want to know where your website is ranked across 14 different search engines for particular search phrases?

A first page listing on any search engine for your product, service or brand is often the first step towards a successful online marketing campaign.

Websites are no longer static brochures that people use to find your contact details. They are the single most important online marketing tool you own. They can give people information on ALL your services, allow people to buy your product there and then, allow people to communicate with you instantly or promote your company brand to a worldwide audience

Google has approximately 75% – 85% of the UK search market. This means over three quarters of the online UK population use Google to find products, advice, services, answers and more. If your website does not have a first page listing for the services or products your provide, then 85% of the people that want your service or product, will NEVER KNOW you were offering exactly what they wanted

Our bespoke search engine ranking reports show you where your website is currently listed across 14 search engines. We can also offer you a bespoke report that tells you all the steps you need to take to get your website listed on the first page of Google for the key phrases you are looking for

To take advantage of our search engine ranking report, please complete this short enquiry form. The cost of a search engine ranking report is £50.

For a bespoke search engine optimisation report, please complete this short enquiry form. The cost of a search engine optimisation report is £99.

We advise that only one key phrase should be used for each web page.

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