Third Party Software

Below is a list of selected third-parties who provide features we use to enhance the sites we build.

Apple iOS App Developers

TJS have been registered Apple iOS developers for the past 2 years. As the leading iOS app developers in Lincolnshire TJS have worked directly with clients and on behalf of other agencies to produce a variety of iPhone and iPad apps. If you’d like to discuss an idea or concept you’d like to turn into an application please do not hesitate to contact us.

Basecamp project management software

TJS widely use Basecamp, the leading web-based collaboratation tool. Trusted by many of the world’s leading brands, Basecamp enables TJS and their clients to constantly keep up to date with the latest development of their online project.


Launching a website is only just the beginning… TJS use a wide number of tools and techniques in order to keep your website in tip-top condition. SEOmoz is the industry standard for reporting and optimising your website. If you’ve got an existing website you feel could achieve more or just need a health check, why not give us a call. We’ll happily give your site a diagnosis to show you how we can help you to improve. Find out more about our Search Engine Optimisation Services.

Google Analytics

TJS implement Google Analytics on all of their sites. Clients can therefore take advantage of as much site data as they need, be that high level board reports or detailed Return On Investment of the latest TJS-managed Adword Campaign. Our in-depth understanding of this tool enables each stakeholder within the client’s organisation to interpret the information pertinent to their daily business decisions.

Google Wallet

Since its introduction to the UK in 2007, TJS have offered this online payment processing service as a popular method for consumers to buy clients’ products. Consumers simply store their credit or debit card and shipping information in their Google Account, so that they can purchase at participating stores at the click of a button. Google Checkout also offers fraud protection, as well a unified page for tracking purchases and their status. TJS frequently add this payment service in conjunction with other respected payment services to offer our clients the greatest chance of securing an online order.


Since its acquisition by Ebay back in 2002 PayPal has become the payment method of choice for a large percentage of avid home buyers and sellers. This popularity with the public at large therefore offers clients another means of accepting secure online payment. With the recent integration of PayPal into the top UK online payment services our clients are now able to reduce the barriers to payment to convert more sales. TJS can integrate any of the PayPal payment services into your site if required.

MailChimp HTML email marketing

Fully featured email marketing with all the tools to deliver the most effective campaigns. TJS gained MailChimp ‘Expert Status’ back in 2008 and as a consequence are frequently approached to integrate or co-ordinate detailed e-marketing campaigns. With one of London’s leading local authorities as a client, both TJS and MailChimp have more than proved their ability to construct and deliver successful campaigns.

PCA Predict

Industry leading web services provider. As long standing partners with PCA Predict TJS are well positioned to help clients leverage postcode data to meet a wide variety of website requirements. From ‘Where is my nearest’ store locators to timesaving address form completion, TJS work closely with their API to create the best solutions for each client.


Protx, now rebranded as a key addition to the Sage family of products is one of the leading online payment providers in the UK. With the technical ability to integrate with all of the top payment providers, TJS still consider SagePay to be the most popular choice amongst their clients.

Simply Docs

Simply-docs provides business contracts and legal document templates to companies for a variety of different business areas.


RBS WorldPay is a division of the Royal Bank of Scotland.  As one of the first providers of internet payment services, TJS have integrated their system into our clients’ sites many times over. April 2009 saw WorldPay adopt the name of its parent company into its brand as well as the merger with sister company Streamline.

Trusted Shops

With the Trust Shops trustmark you can show your customers that you are reliable, and with buyer protection you can offer them more security.