Drone Roof Surveys and Building Inspections

Drone Roof Surveys and Building Inspections

The use of drone photography to carry out aerial roof inspections continues to rise and at TJS, we are proud to be fully licenced by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) as commercial drone operators. This means we are fully insured and qualified and that we comply with all the strict regulations in force.  

What is a drone roof inspection?

A drone roof inspection is an aerial inspection that is carried out by an unmanned aerial vehicle, or drone, rather than an aeroplane or helicopter. As regular roof inspections are necessary to maintain the safety of your roof and to ensure that it is in good repair, carrying out roof inspections with a drone means that roof structures such as towers and chimneys can be accessed easily and viewed in exacting detail, without the need to erect costly scaffolding.

The advantages of drone roof inspection

Hiring an authorised drone operator like TJS is a more cost effective way to carry out an inspection than the traditional method of scaffolding and manpower. It is also much safer as no one needs to leave the ground, a particular concern where the roof or building may be unsafe.  

The images captured by our drone photography are very high resolution and our drone is capable of recording video in 4k. Images and videos generated can be viewed in real time or at a later date and these can then be distributed to several people for consultation which will lead to faster decisions.

Drone roof surveys and aerial inspections are much less disruptive to a business than more traditional methods, as there is less noise, fewer people and less equipment required to carry out the inspection.

Asbestos roof surveys

Drone roof inspections that TJS has carried out in the past have uncovered damage to asbestos roofing which, in the case of a manual inspection, could have exposed the inspectors to a health risk. The HSE aims to produce an asbestos register which will cite buildings where asbestos is, or might be and the use of drones for building inspections is the ideal way to gather this information safely.

TJS’s drone service

Our qualified drone pilot conducts all pre-flight risk assessments & health safety checks to ensure we are operating within the Civil Aviation's Authority’s regulations and rule sets. All required paperwork is completed by us, including comprehensive briefing sheets with essential information the people on the ground need to know, a list of TJS’s emergency protocols and full operational summary documentation on the flight. After the inspection, our drone operator will process flight images using industry-leading platforms which can be distributed as required

To find out more about our aerial inspection service, send us an email or call on 01507 525500 and ask for Richard.