Four Seasons Transnational Project

TJS Web Services have been instructed to develop a new website that will link the Lincolnshire Fens in Engalnd and Bukki Hegyhat in Hungary. The project will encourage and develop social cohesion through engagement in an innovative transnational project exploring technology, culture, heritage and local identities.
The Four Seasons Transnational Project hope to establish and develop educational, social and cultural links between young people within the two regions; to utilise and develop the use of ICT skillls; to enable older members of both communities to pass on skills and share experiences of local history, culture and heritage with the younger generations; and to establish a permanent relationship between the two regions.
The Four Seasons project encompasses the principles of the Green Paper Every Child Matters, particularly in seeking to put young people at the heart of the project by becoming involved with the community and developing skills for adulthood. The Four Seasons will focus on the following pillars of Every Child Matters; being healthy, enjoying and achieving, making a positive contribution, and not engaging in anti-social or offending behaviour.
The site will require all content to be in English and Hungarian and will be supported by a sophisticated Document and Content Management System.