Get better results from your website with great copywriting

If the pen is mightier than the sword, then great copywriting is at the sharp end.

Focus. That’s the key. Focus on your customers (and be precise about who they are). Focus on why they use you and your products or services. Your customers aren’t interested in you – they're only interested in what you can do for them.

A crowd of sales people, all talking about how good they are just get in the way of each other, and themselves.

Hopefully you are using Google Analytics to measure the success of your website (if not, give us a call). If you are, you will be able to see, amongst other things, how many visitors click, how many stay and for how long and if you are trading on line you will be able to see exactly how many visitors convert into paying customers. A great website, perfectly optimised for Google is a marvellous thing. It’s like creating the most fantastic shop window and doing a great marketing campaign so people flock to your door . . they can’t wait to get in, then - bump. They arrive and they can’t see the wood for the trees - where is all that fantastic stuff we were promised? We can just see sales people, standing around talking about how good they are. That’s not what we wanted; we wanted help, we wanted service, we want what you have - but we can’t even see it, so we’re off. Click. Gone.

Make your website work for you

When people arrive at your wonderful website they want to see what you can do for them. Clearly, precisely - in a way that makes it easy for them to see the benefits of what you can provide for them. Remember no one wants to buy a drill. They want the hole. Use the ‘so what?’ test. Before you write the content for your website think carefully about what people are buying from you. Make a list. For each thing on the list ask yourself: “So what does that mean for my customers?” and keep asking yourself that until you can get no further. Eventually you will get down to the real benefit – and that is what your copy should focus on first.

Don’t feel you have to say absolutely everything on your website. Sometimes less really is more. Just say enough to get visitors to take the desired action. Which is my next point. Every single page should have a clear call to action. What do you want the person reading that page to do? Make it really obvious. If you want them to book – say you want them to book. If you want them to buy – make it very easy for them to do so. Ask them to do what you want them to do . . otherwise how do they know?

How are you looking?

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Wishing you every success.