Hemswell Antique Centres – adaptation during testing times

Hemswell Antique Centres – adaptation during testing times

Established in 1986, the Hemwell Antique Centres are today Europe’s largest antiques centre and are home to hundreds of thousands of antiques, housed in four large buildings. The centres also have a choice of coffee shops for visitors, many of whom come from all over the world.

As with so many independent businesses, Hemswell Antique Centres have experienced two national lockdowns so far in 2020 but have been quick to react to this unprecedented situation. With a pre-existing and highly successful Facebook page and Instagram feed that TJS had already configured to pull products through from the website, the centres have been working further with us to maximise their online orders fully and refocus their delivery strategy. The centres have always offered an exceptionally high standard of delivery within their local area but with the newly developed strategy, they are now able to offer the same service on a nationwide scale within the UK.

The embargo on international travel has meant that many of the centres’ clientele have been unable to visit and view items in person. The solution has been to introduce live virtual tours. Using handheld, state of the art video facilities, Robert Miller, the Managing Director, can personally show UK and overseas buyers around the centres, showcasing pieces of interest in high detail. This personal yet virtual shopping tour service has proven highly popular, with clients from Taiwan, Ireland and the United States taking advantage of it.   

By offering continuing support to adapt digitally to the current climate, TJS  is confident that Hemswell Antique Centres are in a strong position to navigate effectively through the pandemic.

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