How to set up Google+ on a Google Apps account

Google+ finally comes to Google Apps

Business Google Apps users can finally take advantage of Google+, Google's social network. Since Google+ was opened up to the public in September 2011, users of the Google Apps productivity tools suite have been clamouring to get on Google+ with their Apps account. Here's a quick guide to help your administrator set up Google+ on your Apps account To join Google+ as an Apps user you first need to enable the service for your domain:
  • Go to<yourdomain>/  for example ""
  • Click on the "Organization & users"
  • Click on the "Services" sub-heading to see the list of Google services available within Apps
  • Scroll down to the "Additional Services" section where you will find the on/off switch for "Google+"
  • Set the switch to "on"; a "Save changes" button will appear at the bottom - click that to save your change.
Your account is now enabled and your employees can now Join Google+ with their account. Here's how an individual user activates Google+:
  • Go to where you should be able to join Google+.
  • We have found that it can take a few minutes for the "Google+ is not available for your organisation" message to be replaced with the option to join.
  • Once in, you'll presented with a number of 'Suggestions' of people you may know.
  • These people can now be categorised into 'circles' or groups of people you know.
  • Get connecting!