App Development Lincolnshire

Working closely with Hemswell Antiques over the past few years TJS have built a solid relationship through a mutual desire to increase targeted visitor numbers and ultimately sales conversions. Through a constantly evolving mixture of SEO, Google Adwords and increasingly Social Media TJS are providing the tools and strategies to help achieve this growth. The latest project is one of harnessing mobile traffic. As such TJS have begun development of a mobile app, streamlining the existing website functionality down into a mobile friendly, cross platform application. It's important to stress the "cross platform" element, as developing an application purely for iPhone / iPad would of course be great, and add credibility to HAC, however, as with most clients in the real-world, budgets aren't bottomless pits so the cost of doing this AND developing other specific apps to cater for the other large players in the market was out of the question. The solution in this instance is therefore a browser-based web app. Cross platform, this mobile site simply identifies the respective users mobile browser type and displays the content accordingly, be that a Blackberry, HTC, iPhone or iPad (to name but a few!) Hemswell aren't alone in this thinking either, with the Financial Times recently announcing that it was choosing a mobile browser-based web app in favour of an Apple solution, citing: "The main factors on our mind when we launched were that it just isn't practical to maintain separate development for each individual technology platform," Stephen Pinches, the FT's group product manager for emerging technologies, told the BBC previously. "We are planning to push our web app out to multiple platforms this year: Android, PlayBook, WebOS and others, and this really is the most logical and strategic approach." We look forward to sharing this with you over the coming months. App Development Lincolnshire - If you would like to talk to us about developing an iPhone / iPad or browser-based web application please call Richard on 01507 525 500