Multi-Lingual website for Hemswell Antiques - Japanese / Chinese / Korean

As Asia's economy continues to grow, so does the number of a affluent, cash rich individuals. With so many westernised products being produced in the Far East and the gradual move away from traditional communist ideologies, so the doors to a westernised lifestyle have opened. With a large grey market of copied western products so readily available, there is one industry that stands apart, western antiques. Our long and rich cultural heritage is now becoming a sought after commodity that helps affluent Asians differentiate themselves from their friends and peers. So how do you go about targeting new customers in the Far East? The first step was to meet with UK Trade and Investment. Sitting in with Hemswell at this initial stage provided all parties with the proposed vision and strategy for how to proceed. Following the meeting, UKTI provided a detailed Export Communications Review highlighting all we'd discussed and a firm plan of action. As a group we establishing how UKTI could help target / introduce new customers, how TJS would handle the development of a multi-lingual site with key SEO considerations and finally how Hemswell would handle these new customers coming through the door. We're now at the stage where the site framework is complete, International English content has been added and the translator has been given access to the content management system to add the content straight in. Over the coming months new languages including Chinese and Korean will be added too. TJS have undertaken a good number of multi-lingual websites, providing a base framework from which the client can easily add new languages at any stage in the future. We have a good relationship with translators so can help put you in touch with the right people. SEO is also a key factor throughout the process which we can gladly advise upon.