Online sales up 13% on last year

According to the voice of e-retail IMRG online sales are up 13% on last year. UK web shoppers spent an estimated £3.89 billion in September. Q3 growth up 13% year-on-year and year to date the Index has increased 14%. The average online conversion rate in September was 3.5%. If you are looking to enhance your e-commerce proposition give us a call.

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In January 2009, JP Morgan estimated that 2008 worldwide retail eCommerce spending, excluding travel, totaled $438 billion - of which one third ($152m) was in Europe. JP Morgan, January 2009

41% of Europeans claim to have changed their mind about what brand to buy as a result of researching choices online, according to EIAA's latest Mediascope survey. Mediascope Europe, November 2008

In the UK, searches for "discount vouchers" grew by 94% between November and December 2008. Google Insights for Search

In the past year, UK female Internet users have made an average of 17 online purchases of products/services and spent an average of £600. eMarketer, February 2009

97% of UK female Internet users research products online and 92% of UK female Internet users buy products online. eMarketer, February 2009

In February 2009, Eurostat reported that 32% of citizens in the EU-28 had purchased an item over the Internet during 2008. (Figures for big markets: UK 57%, FR 40%, DE 53%, IT 11%, ES 20%). Commission of the European Communities, February 2009

According to Forrester, nearly 45% of European Internet users say that in the past three months they have researched a product online and then bought it in a shop. Forrester, March 2009

33% of shoppers in the UK shop a lot more online since the recession. Media & Marketing, March 2009

Online spending in the UK grew 25% to £18.4 bn in 2008, outperforming the 2.1% increase in total retail. Verdict Research, May 2009

Price has become a less significant determinant in online purchasing: online shoppers citing price as the deciding factor in choosing a retailer has fallen to 44.0% in 2008 from 50.0% in 2007. Verdict Research, May 2009

Despite the recession, UK online shoppers had spent an average of £10 more per site visit in April 2009 than this time a year ago. (April 08 to April 09) NMA, May 2009

34% of Brits spend a whole day trying to find the best holiday deal online. survey, January 2009

20% of Brits will spend at least 8 hours trawling the Internet for a cheap travel-related deal. survey, January 2009

YoY from the 2007 to 2008 Christmas Sales period, online sales increased by 31% while in-store sales decreased by 1.3%. Retail Week, January 2009

50.1% of online shoppers who placed items in their shopping carts did not go on to place an order. Core Metrics, March 2009

With online sales up 13.3% in 2009 and 10.9% in 2010, the Internet will take further share from the high street. Verdict Research, May 2009

51% of Internet users purchased a new Financial Services product in the past year. GFK, February 2009

Remote (home) shopping has grown three fold in a decade - from £9.7bn to £26bn. Growth fuelled by the Internet accounts for 74% of the market, compared with 4% in 1998. Verdict Research UK, 2009, December 2008

UK Internet visits to the Insurance category increased by 43% over the quarter. Hitwise, January - March 2009 received the most traffic from searches in 6 out of our 8 featured insurance and finance product ranges over the quarter. Hitwise, January - March 2009

Searches for health insurance increased by 165% over the quarter. Hitwise, January - March 2009

Searches for ISA’s increased by 176% over the quarter. Hitwise, January - March 2009

Searches for mortgages decreased by 19% over the quarter. Hitwise, January - March 2009

Over 1 in 3 (34%) UK adults have researched a brand that they have seen advertised online. TGI Net Q109 (Oct 07 - Sept 08), Q2 2009

41% of shoppers use search engines to identify new websites. Verdict Research, May 2009

According to the European Commission, cross-border eCommerce remained stable between 2006 and 2008, despite EU consumers shopping online increasing from 27% to 33%. Verdict Research, May 2009

Average spend per head in the UK was £691 in 2008… and is forecast to reach £895 in 2013. Verdict Research, May 2009

For the third successive year it is those aged 25 - 34 who are the most frequent online shoppers. Verdict Research, May 2009

Over half (51.0%) of consumers are using the Internet before making a purchase in shops, educating themselves on the best deals available. Verdict Research, May 2009

Over 8 million people used the Internet for arranging the purchase of a new financial product in 2008. GFK, February 2009