Reporting system for Tennyson High School, Mablethorpe

TJS are proud to be associated with Tennyson High School Mablethorpe. We have recently been instructed to develop a browser based grade reporting system.
The system has been developed over many years and has been implemented in several schools. It's key benefits are:
  • Reduces administrative effort
  • Accessibility
  • Ease of use
  • Web based
  • Reduces errors
  • Better presentation
  • Provides instant reports allows senior and middle leaders to analyse and view bespoke reports
Grade Entry
Quick and easy entry Grade Reporting Bespoke end of term and end of year reports hard copy or PDF.Performance Reporting Identify and help tackle any under-performing areas in your school Term Grade Summary Identify immediately poor or unexpected grades Integrity Scanner Quickly scan grades to check for missing or invalidated data Snippet library Personal, subject or department quote library for accurate and fast comment entry with spellchecker.
For further information please contact 01507 525500