"Growth since launch has been fantastic" - Matthew Carr, PowerToolSpares

The launch of the new Power Tool Spares site has been a huge success. It's been live since the beginning of the year and all the KPIs have been up. Year on year here are the figures.


  1. Visits are up 14%
  2. Transactions are up 19%
  3. Conversion rate is up 5%
  4. Total revenue is up 21%
  5. 90% of purchases are made in the first visit
  6. Page views are up 97%
  7. 70% of all visits are generated from organic listings
  8. Bounce rate is down to an amazing 5.5%

Search Engine rankings

  1. For the search term "<manufacturer> spares, 28 of the manufacturers listed on the site are in the number one position on Google, 30 others are in the number 2 position and 26 are in position number 3.
  2. Since March we have doubled the count of number 1 search listings for the site.
We're very proud of these stats and are working with our client to add new features, manufacturers and international sites in the near future. If you'd like us to review your site for Search Engine Optimisation, please contact Mark.