Solar panel installation Lincolnshire

SCenergy are shortly to launch their website designed and built by TJS. As Lincolnshire's leading installer of solar PV panels, SCenergy is helping customers throughout the East Midlands to take advantage of the Governments' current financial subsidies for installing such systems. Feed in Tariffs for Solar Panels are available and work as follows offering 3 means of saving money:
  1. Generation Tariff - A monthly set rate payment for each kWh of generated electricity. This rate is guaranteed for 25 years for electricity generated by Solar Panels.
  2. Export Tariff - An additional payment from your energy supplier for any electricity not used in the home that is exported to the grid. This is paid at a rate of approximately 3p per kWh.
  3. Save Money on your Energy Bills - As well as these cash incentives given at the end of each month, you will also benefit from savings to your usual electricity bills as you will be using electricity generated by your solar system and thus not paying for it.
The website will be launched in mid November. Solar Panel Installation Lincolnshire | Solar PV installers Lincolnshire