TJS client enters the Dragons' Den

On Wednesday night at 8pm Sandra Johnston-Murphy was televised entering the Dragons' Den on BBC2. Sandra took the brave decision to pitch her idea to the Dragons in order to secure an investment for her Swimlite "Aqua Mum" product.
Here is what she had to say about the experience:
Dragon tries to deflate the Swimlite "Aqua Mum"
"If you blinked you would have missed it, but what you did see was not a true representation of the 2 ½ hrs spent with the Dragons.  As you may know the BBC can edit clips to look how they want them to.
I do not consider the appearance on the show to be negative, as it was an amazing experience and one that not many people can say they have had. It was both nerve racking and exhilarating. I was given a great deal of invaluable information and came away totally inspired by 5 great entrepreneurs. I think that I have been very lucky to have had 60 seconds of free publicity for the Swimlite  "Aqua Mum" and have no doubt that it has raised the wareness of this unique product designed especially for pregnant women. The 2 ½ hrs spent in front of the Dragons was incredibly positive and moments after Duncan had raised the valve issue, Peter Jones said "stop nit-picking, its a minor detail which can be rectified, it doesn't stop the product from working." (But of course this was not shown). I have also now been approached by several private investors, before and after the programme, therefore I think the opportunities are only just  starting to emerge as these people can see in me the entrepreneurial qualities that got the product onto National TV. I am now moving onto the next exciting stage with the Swimlite "Aqua Mum" and constructive criticism is very important for improvements to be made. It was unfortunate that the BBC chose to show the only minor negative point raised but after all it is an entertainment show. But this should not detract from the very real benefits and usefulness of this revolutionary product. It wasn't the valve that I'd invented, it was the Swimlite "Aqua Mum" and you can rest assured that the valve issue has been dealt with. As Deborah Meaden said " I am sure with your sheer tenacity and confidence, you will do it!" I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued support". Visit Sandra's website at