TJS Content Strategy drives 26% organic traffic growth during first half of campaign

TJS Content Strategy drives 26% organic traffic growth during first half of campaign

Hemswell Antique Centres, a long time client of TJS, launched a new website in 2017, with new ecommerce functionality and a dealer portal. The client was keen to maximise this investment so instructed TJS to undertake both strategic and tactical work across SEO and content marketing.

With the new website having a positive impact with regards to organic search and in-centre footfall, the client felt it important to continue that momentum. As a result, TJS were tasked with improving overall search visibility and individual key rankings, plus increasing the breadth of terms the site ranked for. In addition, evidence of these improvements resulting in increased organic traffic and goal completions (purchase/enquiry) was important to show.

Firstly, TJS undertook keyword research, with two goals in mind:

  1. To identify opportunities to optimise the site through meta improvements and site structure
  2. To identify opportunities that could be targeted via engagement content in the form of blog articles

From an SEO perspective, this keyword research was used alongside an SEO audit, resulting in a set of recommendations to not only resolve technical SEO issues, but also make robust recommendations around how the site could be optimised better in terms of new pages and meta. An SEO roadmap was created and the audit recommendations, plus new meta titles for all key pages, were implemented over a month-long period. This resulted in reductions in on-page errors, such as 404s, temporary redirects and duplicate content. Keyword opportunities for content were then put through our creative process, resulting in a 12 month calendar of blog posts. We also created a set of hypothetical audience profiles that ensure all our content and activity meets the needs of at least one type of Hemswell Antique Centres customer. We also considered the purchase funnel, making sure we were helping those potential customers at each stage of their antique buying journey. Once the plan was finalised and signed off, we progressed immediately into content creation, with several months of blog posts now live on the site, published in a timely manner thanks to a defined sign off process. To ensure all stakeholders are aware of performance and success, TJS also creates monthly SEO reports for the client, which are shared directly with the Managing Director of the business, with quarterly meetings to review progress.

"After investing in a new website, it was important for us to make the most of our investment. TJS were proactive in recommending SEO and content marketing activities to help us do this and, so far, we have been encouraged by the results. We are looking forward to continuing these strategies and seeing further improvements in our website's performance." Robert Miller, Managing Director - Hemswell Antique Centres.

At time of writing, TJS is approximately halfway through the initial 12-month plan, and the summer of 2018 has seen a 26% increase in organic traffic, thanks to new rankings, with hundreds of incremental targeted visitors driven directly from organic search to our published articles. The client is very happy and TJS looks forward to pushing on with the rest of the plan and refreshing our strategy in the coming months.

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