TJS sponsors volleyball player in National Volleyball League

Here at TJS, we have a diverse team with varying interests. Some are gamers, some are runners, some love a bit of DIY and some are into their films. However when the clock strikes 6pm on a Thursday, one of them has somewhere else to be. Every Thursday evening our Lead Designer, Helen, heads over to Cherry Willingham sports hall to play volleyball for the local club, Lincoln Cannons Volleyball Club. She has been playing for 5 years locally and regionally but when she approached us asking for our support to play in the National Volleyball League (NVL), we were keen to help her achieve a new level in her sport. NVL is a big commitment, especially with giving up more time for training, travelling to the club (Nottingham Rockets Volleyball Club) and matches at the weekends. We wanted to help give her the opportunity to give it a go. As a way of offering our support and showing our commitment to our staff, not just during the working hours, we purchased Helen some new knee pads, volleyball trainers and socks. These are all pieces of key equipment for a volleyball player due to the high intensity and impact during the game. We wish her every bit of luck in the new season!