Why Xmarks the spot

If you use the internet as much as I do, no doubt you'll have hundreds of online resources and toolkits to make your life a little easier. Whilst I could wax lyrical all day about the merits of saving useful bookmarks and building up a toolkit, my focus for today is on the one piece of stand out technology to bring all this seamlessly together over my various browsers and computers, namely Xmarks, formerly foxmarks. Essentially, Xmarks is a bookmark syncing and searching add on for your web browser. The bookmark syncing is fairly obvious in what it does, in that it 'seamlessly integrates' with your browsers, saving and backing up all your bookmarks. You can set up various profiles, from home to work, allowing you to organise your bookmarks appropriately. By far the neatest feature, however, is the web discovery function. Xmarks explains this well, "Xmarks will highlight the top sites in your search results based on how other users have bookmarked and rated them." My overall web experience and understanding of user behaviour online has been vastly improved as a result. Try it for yourself on the link below, and let me know how you get on in the comments! http://www.xmarks.com/