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CAA Approved Aerial Drone Photography, Lincolnshire

Aerial drone photography has an important part to play in digital marketing across a variety of sectors, including architecture, engineering, construction, estate agency and leisure and tourism. High resolution images and video can be captured in remote or high-level locations, reducing the need for risk assessments, and accurate visual data can be received more promptly by clients who do not need staff to carry out the same work.


In the UK, the CAA (civil aviation authority) approves all commercial drone operators and at TJS, our in-house photographer is one of the few CAA drone licence holders in Lincolnshire, having passed the requirements for CAA approved drone operators.


We are able to offer our clients a wide range of aerial drone services which include but are not limited to:

  • Aerial Surveys

  • Aerial Agricultural crop surveys

  • Aerial Property photography (for estate agents)

  • Event Photography / videography


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Aerial Applications

Aerial Filming & Photography

Capture your business from an entirely new perspective – from the sky. Achieving imagery that previously only expensive helicopters could achieve, our qualified CAA approved pilot can make the most of your surroundings bringing a new lease of life to your website and promotional materials.

Aerial Inspections

Need to inspect your building for a defect or construction survey? Don’t want to hire expensive scaffolding? Bring in our qualified CAA drone pilot to inspect your building – filming or photographing the area you need – saving you money.

Event Photography

Running an event in Lincolnshire? Why not hire us to take to the skies to capture the atmosphere and scale of your local event. Our pilot operates within CAA regulations and has full permissions for commercial flight.

Why use TJS for your aerial project?

4K and HD camera equipment

Capable of shooting up to 50fps – ideal for standard or slow motion footage.

3 axis gimbal stabilised camera

Our 3 axis gimbal stabilised camera allows difficult aerial manoeuvres to take place without camera shake.

Full Editing Capabilities

The TJS design team has full photography and editing capabilities.


Our drone can legally operate from 0-400ft.

Planning & Preparation

Critical shots can be predefined and repeated with ease using programmable flight waypoints.

No need to land

Inflight controls mean that we can change camera settings mid flight, without the need to keep landing.

Your Peace Of Mind

Fully Qualified, Legal & Insured

As professional drone operators there are a lot of legal requirements to meet. In summary: We’re fully qualified, legal and insured.

In the UK, aerial film and photography is subject to certain legal requirements. TJS are committed to operating safely and within the constraints defined within UK law. Our prime concern is to ensure the safety at all times of members of the public and property. Therefore our clients can be confident that we are operating well within the law.

FlyBy Technology

TJS trained under the expert tuition of the Flyby Technology flight school – one of the most recognised professional qualification bodies. Then we took our flight test and gained their Initial Drone Pilot Standard (IDPS) qualification, which is recognised nationwide.

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)

Having successfully completed our flight school, we could then apply for our permission for commercial operations (PfCO) with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Because of our comprehensive safety documentation we were allowed to fly all categories of drones, from ~7kg all the way up to 20kg!

DJI Technology

Finally we invested in the industry leading aerial image platform – DJI. DJI remain the most established, most respected commercially used drones in the world. They remain unrivalled.

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