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Hemswell Antique Centres are the largest of their kind in Europe, housing hundreds of thousands of antique and vintage items from over 250 expert dealers who also sell their items online. TJS and Hemswell have enjoyed a close working relationship since 2008, with the bespoke website welcoming over half a million visitors alone over the past 12 months.

The Brief

Hemswell’s Managing Director, Robert Miller has always taken an innovative approach towards growing the business’s online presence. His understanding of the importance of effective Search Engine Optimisation led to TJS creating and implementing strategies to drive targeted visitors to the site and increase its organic visibility.

Our Solution

In 2017, TJS developed a bespoke new website for the business, implementing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to boost online sales. In the first year following the instigation of this strategy, Hemswell experienced a 50% increase in traffic.

The following year, 2018, TJS created a content strategy for Hemswell with articles designed to answer the questions that potential customers were asking, using targeted keywords and backlinks. Since the start of the content strategy, Hemswell has experienced a year on year increased organic visibility as shown below, where the visibility score is based on the number of tracked keywords the website is ranking for in search engine results. It is worth noting that the huge spike in traffic that was experienced through lockdown was expected and pleasingly, since lockdown was lifted, organic visibility has remained at similar levels.



Overall Visibility % increase/decrease on previous year

Mobile visibility % increase/decrease on previous year

Desktop Visibility % increase/decrease on previous year

April 2018




April 2019




April 2020




April 2021




April 2022





Hemswell articles have risen in search engine results, bearing testimony to Google’s acknowledgement of the business as an authority in its field, thanks to precisely targeted article content.

"This targeted content strategy has far exceeded our expectations."

Robert Miller

Hemswell Antique Centres

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