Since opening up its private collection of animals to the public in 2018, and gaining its official zoo licence a year later, The Wolds Wildlife Park’s reputation has grown and today it is a popular tourist destination in the Lincolnshire Wolds.

Their original 'off the shelf' online ticket purchasing process was problematic. Having purchased their tickets, customers were still required to show proof of purchase on arrival at the park, in the form of a simple email confirmation. A lack of automation and an unreliable internet connection meant that ticket processing was inconsistent and difficult for staff to manage, which during busy periods resulted in lengthy delays for staff in getting people through the gates and into the park.

The Brief

The park required an automated, fully integrated system that would be easy to use for all staff members, that would be consistently effective and not let them down. Efficiency was key to the system - staff needed to be able to process customers quickly and get them through the gates easily and with the minimum of fuss. This would not only help staff but it would also reduce queueing times.

Our Solution

TJS delivered an end-to-end solution for the park. We developed a bespoke Google-optimised website with commercial photography that incorporated a ticket management system that now generates digital ticketing for customers and staff.

Customers receive a unique QR code that is generated when their order is confirmed, which is scanned by gate staff. We have fully tested the equipment and have ensured sufficient scanners are now in place. As the system requires a reliable Wi-Fi connection, TJS has also supported the park in implementing an efficient and reliable infrastructure, by way of a hardwired internet connection. In the event of customers not being able to offer up a QR code, we have incorporated several failsafe systems so that staff can still very quickly verify customer and ticket validity details, including accessing ticket details via customer email addresses.

Management can access a live report which shows the number of visitors booked into the park on any given date / time. Rotas can then be drawn up in advance ensuring that sufficient staff members will be on duty and it also informs the amount of catering supplies needed, creating more efficiencies in this busy environment.

Since the implementation of its new system, the park has enjoyed a very successful Easter weekend when they welcomed thousands of happy visitors through their gates.


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Deciding to use TJS was absolutely the best decision we have made. Not only are Richard and his team highly professional but their attention to detail is second to none. The team has helped with so many things and continued to give invaluable advice whenever we need it. The website is so user friendly and has enabled us at The Wolds Wildlife Park to shout about all we have to offer. A massive thank you to the TJS team.

Sharron Tonge

Events Manager - Wolds Wildlife Park

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