Fancy disrupting an established market?

Fancy disrupting an established market?

Digital disruption is a change that occurs when new digital technologies and business models affect the value proposition of existing goods and services. With the increasing use of mobile devices for work and personal use, this shift has increased the potential for digital disruption across many industries.

At TJS the ability to enter a market and disrupt long estalished players has been possible through massive step changes in digital innovation. In order to achieve this successfully, you need a USP - you've got to offer product fulfillment more quickly, cheaper and with impeccable customer service, or fundamentally shake up the way customers can quickly interact with your product, and feel part of the customisation process from the comfort of their personal device.

Do it better than your competitors

TJS built its first design engine / product configurator over 12 years ago. This has continued to evolve and allows our clients to enter established markets with a far superior offering. It makes their consumers' lives quicker, easier and more accurate when it comes to personalising products online. Here are some prime examples:

Promotional Pen Sector

A classic market which for years simply showed a list of available pens a company had available. If you wanted to add your company name to a pen, you completed a form suggesting which font you wanted, together with the text you'd like to add to the pen and, very occasionally, you may have been able to upload a logo. As a customer, you were unable to see what your pen would look like until you received your order.

FastPens completely turned that around by being one of the first companies to successfully show a live preview / 'design your own' facility onscreen. No need to send off for proofs / samples which take time. Showing consumers how their product will look with their own personal details live on screen, and giving them the ability to place an order and have it delivered very quickly, suddenly gives you an edge no one else in the sector has. As long established suppliers with traditional, slow moving methods struggle to adapt, and fail to understand this streamlined process, you suddenly find yourself at the sharp end of the market, ahead of your competitors.

It doesn't just happen at the 'front end' either. All of the personalised product specification for that consumer's order is automatically fed into the manufacturing process, requiring a lot less human interaction - and therefore time to fulfilment. 

Other sectors we've helped disrupt

This is but one example of how we've helped clients enter a long-established market and successfully take the lead.

We've helped apply this approach to other sectors including Name Badges, Stickers on sheets, Printed Labels, Printed signs and banners / graphics.

The latest industry to be shaken up is the printed packaging sector. Understanding changing consumer and buying habits (especially following COVID) means there is surging growth in new 'home businesses' selling their own products through established marketplaces such as Etsy, Not On The High Street. Those selling via their own cheaply built Shopify sites also need more professional packaging and branding for shipping and presentation.

In this instance, targeting this sweet spot of required volume with a class-wininng configurator is another surefire recipe for success! 


Experience gained with our previous websites gave us the confidence to try to go three dimensional! All our previous design engines worked perfectly on a flat surface, but with boxes we needed 3D. Not only can you now design on the top of the box, but also all key panels, giving a realtime view of the box design you're creating. This is how you enter an existing market properly, by upping the technology, increasing the barriers competitors have to overcome to keep up with you, all whilst making the customer experience as clean, simple and quick as possible.

We look forward to the next challenge!