Custom Property Auction Room Software for Auction Estates

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Since launching the website for Auction Estates back in 2017, TJS has continued to work with the company to develop a fully integrated, bespoke software system to assist with their live property auctions.

Taking into consideration all the aspects of an energetic auction room, and the demands placed on the auction staff in such a hectic environment, our software has incorporated the key elements required to assist the Auction Estates team.

The EI Group, a leading property auction company, works closely with estate agents and provides software for them to upload their portfolios. Auction Estates uses EI software to upload information to sites such as RightMove and Zoopla and to group the properties in to auction dates. The integration between the website and the EI Group that TJS has developed pulls this information through, allowing EI to create a PDF catalogue that can be uploaded to the site and printed off.

TJS also developed the Auctioneer’s Assistant, a mobile application incorporating the key elements of a live auction:

Auctioneer’s Screen – in live auctions, the auctioneer has a tablet which displays all the information required for them to lead the auction efficiently. These include lot details, reserve price, starting price and, most importantly, live price. Any other notes the auctioneer may need are also shown on this screen.

Auctioneer’s Assistant Screen – controlled by the auction assistant and the driving force behind the other screens, this is a tablet-sized screen which feeds information through to the auctioneer, at the same time as updating the room’s projector display. As bids are taken from the room, live price updates are added instantly. This stock market technology allows price data updates with negligible lag.

Live T.V. – linked to the assistant screen is a large television screen showing the current property being bid on. As live and telephone bids are received the price is updated on the screen in real time, enabling bidders to see the current price at all times.

Contract Room – a screen in the separate contract room is updated in real time with the close of each lot. This gives the staff processing the sale the information required to fulfill the legal and financial obligations, such as property, buyer and price. In turn, buyers are processed efficiently and swiftly.

The full software integration with the EI Group and the Live Action Software developed by TJS remove the need for duplicate data entry, saves time and allows the company time for further property acquisition ahead of the next live auction.

If your company has any bespoke software requirements, or if you would like to discuss how we can help your business, contact Richard on 01507 525000.

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