How an effective content strategy increases organic traffic

How an effective content strategy increases organic traffic

The object for any website is to be seen, to be visible to people looking on search engines for it, leading to increased visitor numbers. But is there a way to boost the visibility of a website without having to pay? At TJS, we know there is, and here, we look at how an effective content strategy will increase your organic traffic.

Website Content Strategy

The aim of a digital marketing campaign is to increase the volume of traffic to a website by attracting not just more visitors to the site, but exactly those visitors the site wants to attract. A website content strategy makes up a small part of a digital marketing strategy and can include blogs, video content, social media posts, and directories to name just a few, with different types of website choosing different material. For example, an ecommerce site will use targeted keywords in product descriptions while others will feature blog posts on industry-related topics of interest aimed at their target audience.

The elements of an effective SEO Content Strategy

Quality content – this is key. All websites have content – product pages, articles, instructions, interviews, videos – which must be seen by Google as proof of the business’s authority in its field. In other words Google rewards expert, quality content with higher rankings in its results pages.

Appropriate choice of keywords – essentially, your website must include the words and phrases that potential visitors are putting into search engines when trying to find something, if you want to be shown in the results they are given! Thorough keyword research is necessary here to ensure that you rank well and so that the correct audience will be able to find you. Never assume what your target audience is looking for – research will tell you precisely what they are looking for, so that your content can meet their exact needs.

Target audience – you must correctly identify your target audience to understand who will be reading your content. Without this, you cannot create the correct content and you will not be found by the visitors you want to attract.

Content that serves a purpose – content for content’s sake is a waste of time. Your content quite simply has to fulfill a purpose and satisfy a need in your audience. It must be relevant and answer any questions your audience is asking in search engines. Understanding how your content affects SEO is a big step to your strategy being a success.

Having identified all of the above, how does it all come together to increase organic visibility?

Content that speaks directly to your target audience, answering the questions that they are asking, WILL BE returned in SERPs. This brings your website to the attention of people who are interested in finding you – your target audience. Consistently fresh content that is added to the site on a regular basis will attract more searchers who, over time, will come to see your brand as one they can trust because the content can be relied upon, entertains them and is led by their interests.

An effective content strategy utilises the features that give your customers a reason to visit your site and as visitor numbers rise, visibility increases which pushes you further up the rankings.

To find out more, read all about our Content Strategy Process but don’t just take our word for it - longstanding clients Hemswell Antique Centres are in their 6th consecutive year of a highly successful content strategy which has seen the organic visibility of their website increase by almost 180% and who are happy to say ‘This targeted content strategy has far exceeded our expectations.’

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