IE6 usage falls below 1% in the US

Internet Explorer 6 has long been considered the bane of many a Web Developer. Unfortunately, when it was created ten years ago, cross-browser standards were of significantly smaller concern to browser makers than is now the case. Following W3C implementation standards is now a major concern for browser makers. We wrote more about IE6's shortcomings in our previous post on IE6 Market Share and Support. IE6 usage has now fallen below 1% in several countries including the USA, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Austria, with the UK, Canada, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, New Zealand, Switzerland and Australia below the 1.5% mark. The worldwide proportion of IE6 users has almost halved in the past year. So if you are one of the few still using IE6, please consider doing your little bit to help the furtherment of web standards and switch to a newer version of IE or a competing browser such as Mozilla Firefox, Opera or Google Chrome