Operation Wallacea – Conservation and research through academic partnerships

 In Web design, Wireframes

TJS have been selected to assist with the complex re-development of the forthcoming Opwall.com website.

During the first vital stage, TJS needed to understand the vast array of content and visitor scenarios the company has to market to, from A-Level students, universities, teachers and academics, all requiring a different ‘journey’ through the website. Once TJS had digested this, the next stage was to undergo the wireframing process. This ensures that all key assets (be that imagery, content, ‘calls to actions’ etc) are present on each page to enable a successful user experience.

This culminated in a set of over 50 individual page templates, thereby thinking through each stage of the process. It’s this process that enables both the client and TJS to clearly visualise the user experience, whilst quickly identifying imminent requirements for additional content / imagery.

Now successfully complete, we’re on to the design state, applying the clients’ existing branding into a ‘walkthrough’.

We look forward to showcasing progress over the coming months.

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