There is such thing as the perfect website..

There is such thing as the perfect website..

So, the perfect website does exist, and we've finally cracked it, albeit until Google move the goalposts slightly again!

TJS has long understood the importance of using Google's own measures as a benchmark for how well a website performs. After all, with such a high percentage of the UK and western world using Google, wouldn't your business want to ensure it's got the best possible chance to succeed in such a crowded online world?

The good news is, at TJS our websites are bespoke. They're not bloated off the shelf frameworks that look pretty but perform badly against these metrics. They're slick, fast and provide your business with the sharpest set of tools to help your business succeed online for years to come.

We're really proud of our team who have spent years tweaking and honing our websites' ability to perform consistently against these moving targets. 

Here's an example from a website we launched for an Accountant in Lincoln earlier in the week.

TJS achieve the perfect Google Lighthouse Score

So, if you're fed up of your website performing badly or loading slowly, contact us to find out how we can give your online presence a much needed boost.

To view the Perfect Google Lighthouse Score Report* click on the link.

* Google Lighthouse Report captured using Lighthouse V10.2.0 - 8th Aug 2023.