TJS Works Behind Scenes to Ensure Conformation to Regulation Enforcement

A local Lincolnshire company believes businesses are unaware of the web regulations that could cost their business dearly.
Lincolnshire based website specialists, TJS Online, recently highlighted the troubles and pitfalls that many companies are unaware of with regard to the Government enforced website 'accessibility' laws that could result in businesses facing legal action and unlimited compensation payments.
In spring of 2004 the Disability Rights Commission carried out a survey which revealed that of the 1,000 websites tested, more than 80% were unusable for the visually impaired. Shortly afterward the Government implemented the final stage of the 'Disability Discrimination Act' and the organisation, W3C created guidelines and standards for the 'Website Accessibility Initiative'.
Under W3C there are many systems of testing websites for their accessibility levels operate, however TJS favour '508' which is the most comprehensive checking system currently available.
Simon Taylor, MD at TJS Web Services said, "It is unlikely that our clients will be aware, but the TJS Team have been working tirelessly to improve the levels of accessibility to our customers' sites." He continued, "The W3C guidelines relate to images and non text aspects of websites which are not easily interpretable by a screen reader. Without these modifications I am sure that some businesses would not be eligible to work with larger organisations and companies as it is something that can be required, like the ISO quality standard."
One of the clients that the TJS Team are currently working with is Chris Worth Productions. The new website, which is soon to be launched, has been specifically targeted to reach, not just the first level but all three standards of the W3C accessibility guidelines.
Project Manager, Richard Giles said, "In the past Chris Worth has received a number of E-commerce and related media awards for his work. We are confident that TJS has the ability to assist in maintaining this level of achievement and are working hard to ensure he can continue in his success and gain the recognition deserved."
TJS are so concerned about the lack of knowledge about online accessibility within the business community that they are currently providing free Accessibility Audits to companies and organisations in the region. For further information contact TJS directly on 01507 525 500 or visit their website at