Tourist/leisure industry – New Instruction

Tourist/leisure industry – New Instruction

When clients come to us with requirements that just cannot be bent to fit the shape of an off the peg website, there’s only one thing for it and that is to create a bespoke design engine for them!

Recently, a client in the leisure and tourism sector found us via recommendation and put their idea to us. They need a website that will showcase their innovative and unique product idea to their customers, allowing them to design the product to their individual taste. With multiple styles, patterns and colours at their disposal, the customer needs a very visual method of choice that will also offer a fully customisable dimension selector.

Our experienced developers are creating a completely bespoke product configurator, allowing all permutations of product options, as well as a sample service.

We are excited to unveil this innovative product in the next few months.

If you have an idea but just can’t see how to bring it to fruition, give us a call today on 01507 525500 to discuss how our experienced development team could help you.