Why ecommerce photography is important

Why ecommerce photography is important

Ecommerce photography is the production of quality images for an ecommerce website. Here, we examine why it’s important and what can go wrong if your product photography is not up to scratch.

At TJS, when we develop our bespoke websites, we prioritise the customer journey as we understand that the success of any online business relies heavily on its customers’ experience.  For our ecommerce clients, product photography is key to influencing consumer choices and reinforcing a strong brand perception. Indeed, 90% of Etsy customers consider the quality of product image is extemely important or very important1, outranking shipping cost, reviews and even price.  

When we shop in a bricks and mortar store, we can physically see and handle products ahead of purchase but online, we have to rely on what we see only. But why else is ecommerce photography so important?

The benefits of ecommerce photography

Ecommerce photography contributes to brand image – consistently high quality images promotes a positive and strong brand image in the eyes of customers, who will remember you when faced with poor photography elsewhere.

Cross-platform consistency  - when product images are carried across other platforms (think social media channels), it serves to reinforce brand recognition. Customers who are familiar with a brand are more likely to make a purchase and familiarity is born out of consistency.

Quality photography increases organic visibility – when social media platforms show quality ecommerce photography (see above), engagement increases and this will lead to shares, follows, likes, and comments. In this way, organic traffic increases, driving potential customers back to your website.

The photography reflects the product – product perception is closely linked to imagery, so when potential customers see quality product images, their perception of the product increases, which increases brand confidence.

Ecommerce photography impacts conversion rates – customers trust a company when they can see what they’re getting and they like what they see. Good photography reflects a company that can be trusted and when customers trust a brand, they will make a purchase.

How to create quality ecommerce photography

There is a lot more to great ecommerce photography than pointing your smartphone at your items and pressing a button! The benefits of professional photography for your website cannot be understated and a professional commercial photographer offers experience, understanding composition and lighting. Quality ecommerce photography should be viewed as an investment in higher sales and greater brand identity and a professional photographer will create images that your customers will connect with.

Ecommerce photography from TJS

At TJS, when you commission our own in-house award-winning commercial photographer, you have the peace of mind that he works with our development team to ensure that your site will not be compromised for slow load times due to large image sizes. Our photographers bring a breadth of commercial experience to offer clients photography services which include commercial photography and food photography amongst others.

To discuss your ecommerce photography requirements, contact us by email or call us for an informal chat on 01507 525500, to see how we can help.