Yahoo! Plots an alliance with Facebook

Yahoo! was once at the forefront of search engines. Now however it can't compete with Google's hundreds of millions of users, far more advanced search engine optimisation and is - by ten country miles - more financially comfortable than Yahoo! To add insult to injury, Google's adversary Bing (which is funded by Microsoft) is gaining momentum, as an agreement in 2009 was signed for Bing to power all of Yahoos' search results, leaving Yahoo! to focus on selling search advertising. This deal was for ten years, and since then Yahoo! have done almost everything to attempt to excommunicate itself from Microsoft. But now things may be looking up for Yahoo! The deal between Facebook and Yahoo! is great for both companies, as Facebook will benefit from Yahoo!'s search capabilties while the latter will benefit by being projected onto the screens of no fewer than a billion people signed up to Facebook - while also benefiting as a search and global brand advertiser. Working with Facebook would also allow Yahoo! to piggyback on the social network’s brand to help it recruit top-tier computer programmers - something they have been lacking recently. This agreement may become a competitor to Google in the future.