Aerial photography

Aerial photography

Aerial photography, or drone photography, is a great way to showcase your property or event and can even save you money on expensive building inspections and surveys. Read on to find out how!

For the last 6 years, TJS has been giving clients a new perspective on their businesses by photographing and videoing them from the skies above. Our professional drone pilot operates to the very high standards of the CAA, and while there have been recent updates concerning drone photography and the law, at TJS we continue to maintain the same exacting standards, adhering to all previous processes. This offers clients the peace of mind that our service is of the same high quality and that our aerial drone photography will be carried out with the minimum of risk to them.

When to use aerial photography

Aerial photography is valuable for a broad range of applications, including but not limited to the following:

Aerial filming and photography - capture your business from an entirely new perspective and let us help you create short showreels for your website and social media platforms. Ideal for tourist attractions such as gardens and historic homes, professional aerial photography will introduce your venue to a whole new audience.

Aerial inspections – regular roof inspections are necessary to maintain the safety and integrity of any roof. Previously, inspecting the fabric of the roof and checking structures such as skylights and chimneys required a lot of scaffolding, risk assessments, and a good head for heights! Our drone operator can capture every aspect of your roof in high quality images and video in 4k, without the need for manpower or expensive equipment. This saves you a lot of time and effort and can provide high resolution imagery to prospective builders / trades people to help gain quicker quotations.

Event photography – are you organising a public event in Lincolnshire? Do you want new and existing audiences to get a feel for the size of your event and its atmosphere? An aerial video can do just that! With all necessary permissions for commercial flight, our pilot can produce stunning high resolution video perfect for your website or socials. With members of the public present at such a event our team ensure well in advance that there are no flight restrictions on your proposed location, and that on the day we adhere to the stringent CAA regulations and perform all necessary risk assessments before any flights take place. TJS carries all the required insurance to ensure your company is correctly covered.

Architectural rendering – professional architects use architectural rendering as a way to visualise a layout or design as a 3D model. This enables them to pitch to clients and investors who are able to ‘see’ a host of features such as window styles and floors, and picture where the building will sit amongst the general surrounding area and landscape. Read more about how we can help you in Aerial drone photography and architectural rendering.

Aerial property photography for estate agents – prestige and executive homes for sale are often presented to prospective buyers in the form of a glossy, full colour brochure. Aerial drone photography is the perfect way to create perfect images that will show the extent of the home and its grounds in all their glory.

Agricultural crop surveys – aerial photography can play an important part in gathering vital information for agricultural crop surveys. It can also contribute positively to the valuation of agricultural land by producing a visual map of the area highlighting any crop damage.

Aerial drone photography in Lincolnshire

Whatever your need, TJS can help. When you work with TJS, you can be confident that:

  • All required risk assessments will be carried out, with site visits, mapping and hazard analysis
  • All onsite personnel will be made fully aware of all procedures, including emergency procedures
  • We will carry out all pre- and post-flight checks
  • We will keep a record of hours flown
  • We are fully compliant with all the rules and regulations laid out for the operation of sub-250g drones and we are insured for commercial projects with £5million public liability insurance in place.

To find out more about how our aerial drone photography could help you, email us or give us a call on 01507 525500 today.