How to create a successful blog content strategy

How to create a successful blog content strategy

A blog with quality content generates traffic and increases organic visibility, but what makes a blog successful? Here, we discuss how we create effective blog content strategies for clients.

At TJS, our digital marketing process encompasses a spectrum of strategies that will boost your organic search and visibility.  This process starts with a strong content strategy that identifies your audience, so that we know what appeals to them, that shows us what they are looking for and, most importantly, that tells us what kind of content will reach them. SEO content strategies and blog content strategies work together to increase the volume of traffic to a website.

Content creation strategy

This is simply the creation and delivery of content on a website, ALL content , in every form, be that video, social media posts, or blog articles. So already, we can see that digital marketing includes SEO and content creation which in turn includes blog content.

TJS’s blog content strategy

Our dedicated content writers work closely with clients to create a tailored schedule designed specifically for them and their customers. This process follows a tried and tested format.

Understanding our customer’s audience – with the help of a detailed questionnaire, we get a comprehensive picture of actual and aspirational customers and from this we create several audience profiles, or personas, that our blog posts will focus on and target.

Keyword research – extensive keyword research is carried out to identify exactly what client customers are searching for each month. Working with clients to identify which areas they want to prioritise and which terms and phrases they want to rank for, leaves us with a relevant focus for our blog posts.

Content calendar creation – with personas and keyword research in place, our content writers put together a 12-month calendar of blog post titles. This ensures that new content is available regularly and that seasonal trends that apply to our clients’ industries are taken into account.

Blog post creation – after the calendar has been approved by the client, our specialist writers will create the blog content.

The benefits of a successful blog content strategy

We all know that Google loves content – after all wasn’t it Bill Gates who first said that ‘content is king’? – and a good blog enables the regular delivery of quality content, that will provide customers with exactly what they are looking for. Regular blog posts are key – Google needs to see your business is alive and well before it will return your site in search results. To add weight to this, Google rewards expertise with higher rankings so, when you regularly produce content that Google sees is answering the questions people are asking (remember the keyword research?), you are considered experts and will be returned in search results.

Of course a blog does not stand in isolation and articles need to be shared and shared again. Where a client uses social media platforms, traffic that finds its way to a blog post from a shared link on, for example, Facebook or LinkedIn will be deemed by Google to be real people and not bots.

Accountability and transparency through reporting

To bring our blog content strategy process full circle, we produce an in-depth report on a monthly basis for our blog content clients, based on analysis of analytics. A comprehensive report is produced that lists details of visitor traffic and engagement and, over time, we are able to track changes in site visibility. 

Digital marketing from TJS

If you would like to boost your website’s organic search volumes and visibility, get in touch to find out how our digital marketing and an effective blog content strategy can help you.