What is an SEO content strategy?

What is an SEO content strategy?

At TJS, we use digital marketing to increase our clients’ organic search and social media presence, and SEO and content marketing forms part of the digital marketing solutions we offer. But what exactly is an SEO content strategy?

Before we look at this, we need to look at what SEO content is, and the different types that clients can use on their websites.

What is SEO content?

The success of an online business relies on customers being able to find it on Google and other search engines and Search Engine Optimisation is used to achieve this. SEO content attracts traffic generated through search engines, and can include different types.

Types of SEO content

Different types of business will use different types of material that is optimised for search engines, for example newspaper sites will comprise articles and interviews, while ecommerce sites will have descriptive product pages, and many more will feature a blog with industry related, relevant posts. There are as many variations as there are types of website and can include, but are not limited to guides, videos, and directories.

What is an SEO content strategy?

An effective SEO strategy will optimise the information on a website to increase organic traffic to the site. By increasing a website’s ranking in SERPs (search engine results pages), a successful strategy will raise the traffic generated through search.

What makes an effective SEO content strategy?

An effective strategy ensures that your website offers what potential customers and visitors are looking for and not just what you think they are searching for. Gone are the days of the two-pronged approach to marketing – keyword saturation or writing solely for the audience. Today, a successful strategy will use content and SEO together, understanding that Google demands relevance and audience satisfaction, achieved through answering the questions we know they are asking.

SEO and content marketing at TJS

As part of our digital marketing campaigns at TJS, when we create a content strategy for your website, our experts will analyse your website and your marketplace/audience. We will work closely with you to gain a better understanding of your existing and aspirational customer base, in order to create material that is relevant and of interest to them. Extensive keyword research is carried out and we collaborate with you to prioritise the keywords you want to target. Once audiences and keyword targets have been agreed on, we create a 12-month calendar that dictates the type of content to be published and when. Throughout the process, we give 100% transparency to clients; we carry out routine analysis of analytics to show us what is and is not working and our findings are presented in report form to clients on a regular basis.

Of course, increasing organic visibility does not happen instantly, as quality content needs time to become established but, once achieved, it will endure. 

Demonstrating Results

The results of the content strategies we implement for our clients is clear to see. One long-standing client who has seen consecutive year-on-year increases in the overall organic visibility of their website since the strategy was first introduced in 2018 (a 96% increase across desktop and mobile devices from April 2020-April 2021), has said "This targeted content strategy has far exceeded our expectations. For another client, our content strategy has increased their organic visibility by 1220%, a trend that is illustrated in other examples of our work

If you would like to discuss an SEO content strategy with us, please call 01507 525500 to find out how we can help you.