What is a content marketing strategy?

What is a content marketing strategy?

At TJS, we work with a lot of clients to create content marketing strategies, but what exactly is a content marketing strategy? We explain all here.

Content marketing strategy – what it means

In its simplest form, a content marketing strategy is a plan implemented on a website to attract your desired customers and grow your audience. It is delivered via quality content including blog articles, social media posts and videos, as well as emails and newsletters.

Do I need a content marketing?

The short answer is yes, you do! You can choose to produce haphazard content with no rhyme or reason behind it and keep your fingers crossed that your content will hit the right target or you can produce quality, focused content with a clear purpose. That’s what an effective content strategy will help you achieve.

What will a good strategy achieve for your online business?

  • Assert your position as an authority - Google loves to return results that show businesses who are authorities in their field but they won’t know if you’re an expert at what you do if they don’t hear from you!  It doesn’t count if your content is old and stale, and rarely updated– to be recognised, you need to publish quality, regular content consistently over time.  
  • Increased visibility – following on from the above, regular, consistent content attracts your audience (particularly if you are answering questions and addressing subjects your audience is interested in) which will increase your organic visibility as more people see you.
  • Build community and loyalty in your business -  Show customers and clients how what you offer can meet their needs. By sharing information with your audience, product knowledge and skills etc., a good content strategy can go a long way towards creating a sense of community for your business.

How TJS creates content marketing strategies

At TJS, we combine content and SEO; we understand that flooding content with keywords doesn’t work, nor does writing just for your audience. By answering questions we know are being asked of Google, in a way that meets the needs of the audience, we can deliver an effective strategy that gives results.

Our process is straightforward and transparent:

  • Working closely with clients, we will learn about their customers (actual and aspirational) to get a better understanding of what they want.
  • Keyword research is conducted and we collaborate with clients to establish their areas of focus and prioritise those areas.
  • With client base and focus areas in place, we then create a calendar of blog article titles.

Transparency and accountability

Once a content marketing strategy has been implemented, we generate monthly reports compiled through analysis of analytics that shows us how effective the strategy is.

An effective strategy will increase visibility over time but it isn’t a quick fix. Clients we have worked with over several years have seen increases in organic visibility of between 95% to in excess of 1200% and of course, good content lasts forever.

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