The Brief

Superstar Components was started in 2006 with a single vision, to cut out the middleman and sell high quality cycle parts direct to customers at sensible prices.

Because you can only get buy Superstar parts from their website their loyal customers knew they were getting a great deal. As their range of products grew, so did their following. Growing from humble beginnings selling brake pads from a bedroom, Superstar now operate from 5 warehouses and employ lots of staff from their premises in Lincoln.

One of the key drivers to the ongoing success of the business was the website and its full integration into the business. Neil and his team tried in vain for many years to get an ‘off the shelf’ Ecommerce site into a format that matched their business needs..and failed.

Signing up to the Growth Accelerator programme reinforced the need to start this process again from the ground up as it was to become the central hub for driving and managing the business going forward.

Neil approached TJS following a strong recommendation. “You need to speak to TJS, they can build complex Ecommerce sites”.

Our Solution

Having demonstrated our skills and experience with other Ecommerce clients, TJS started the detailed planning and strategy phrase of the project. Understanding the business was key, so we arranged to take key members of the team to Superstar to get a first hand understanding of the challenges faced by the business.

This ranged from understanding how orders were processed, stock arranged in the warehouse, through to watching how wheels were carefully assembled, chainrings manufactured via the latest in CNC machining technology through to the laser etching of parts. All impressive stuff.

One of the most complex aspects of the project to understand was the element of configuration. Virtually impossible on Superstar’s previous website, TJS worked through the various products to ensure that the customer’s journey was made as simple as possible.

The complex ‘Custom Wheel Generator’ was one such configurator, where a pair of wheels can be built from as little as £160 to an eye-watering £1,200. At every stage the website needed to work out the correct product associations so that each change in the config process resulted in a workable, in-stock end product.

With all of the complexities mapped out via a detailed specification, wireframe drawings of each key area of the site and accompanying design layouts both parties were confident of that all of the complex ‘thinking’ had been done. It was now time for the build.

The plan was to tackle the site build so that customers could quickly start ordering.  This however meant that managing stock and fulfilment needed to be incorporated at the first stage too. With grand future plans (which I won’t go into) we ensured that, like an iceberg, the fancy part of the website the customer sees is only the tip.. all of the clever stuff happens behind the scenes..

In summary, TJS have completed and launched a complex Ecommerce site which does exactly what the client needed it to.

It’s more than just a website, it’s an end-to-end solution.

From the moment a customer finds and configures the products of interest, pays for it securely and has it delivered swiftly (with a free bag of sweets!), Superstar staff are able to seamlessly manage fulfilment (integrated with UPS), manage stock control, accurately forecast demand to organising manufacturing scheduling and supplier orders. And that’s only the beginning. Watch this space, there’s a lot more we’re working on…

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